Sony brings AI to InZone gaming headset and ear buds — review

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Sony has added AI smarts to its latest generation of InZone H5 gaming wireless headset and its new InZone Buds.

The AI helps with noise reduction, as Sony tested it on 500 million voice samples so that it can do a better job identifying your voice and pulling it out of the noise around you.

The idea behind providing both earbuds and headsets is to provide gamers with choices, as some folks don’t like the weight of headsets on their noggins while others want the better performance of headsets. I’ve tried them out and Sony bills them as having the industry’s longest battery life.

They come in either black or white versions, matching your other Sony gear. But Sony argues that what’s inside is what counts. I haven’t quite decided whether I prefer the headset or the earbuds yet, given my limited time with both of them.

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Sony InZone Buds

The InZone Buds work with the PC or console, using a wireless USB-C dongle, bringing an immersive experience to gaming. I played with both new InZone products with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III beta on the PlayStation 5 this week. The 3D audio works, but I can’t say it gave me an edge in combat. I lost more than usual, though (excuse follows) I had a buggy beta code that didn’t work for two days.

Sony says the earbuds give you personalized sound, up to 12 hours of battery life, and low latency (less than 30 milliseconds). The InZone Buds also employ an AI DNN (Deep Neural Network algorithm), crafted from more than 500 million voice samples. This advanced AI noise reduction ensures the user’s voice stands out, distinct from the surrounding ambient sounds so users can be heard in the action.

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